Why choose Imagine Math for the STEM Action Center Grant?


Applications must be submitted between February 1, 2023 through March 31, 2023.

K–12 Math Grant Application Now Open

Imagine Math addresses the Utah Core Standards for Mathematics through personalized instruction and engaging content. The program is now available at no cost to schools through Utah’s STEM Action Center.  

As a Utah-based company, Imagine Math is committed to helping Utah students strengthen their math skills while providing teachers with actionable data.

Proven Results on Utah Studies

Imagine Math shows consistent, positive results on third- party studies and state assessments. A recent study showed that students who use Imagine Math grades 3+ for the recommended amount of time (more than 30 minutes per week) are more likely to achieve proficiency on Utah’s state assessment than non-Imagine Math Students.

In addition, students in Imagine Math K–2 scored 42% higher on assessments than non-users.

Read the studies:

Access to Live Certified Teachers

Every educator wants to meet the unique needs of each student. But with limited time, academic goals, and a full classroom, the reality is different. That’s why Imagine Math offers live 1:1 differentiated instruction from certified math teachers.

  • Direct instruction from certified math teachers
  • Reframing student strategies
  • Identifying common misconceptions
  • Support in English and Spanish

Imagine math that personalizes the experience

Imagine Math 3+ builds problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding with support from an online, live, certified, bilingual teacher as well as:

  • Personalized learning driven by the Quantile® Framework  
  • First language support for English learners  
  • Scaffolded instruction for all learners   
  • On-demand instruction by live, certified, math teachers  
  • Motivational system that develops confident thinkers  
  • Development of college- and career-readiness skills

Imagine Math 3+ supports the advancement of STEM and 21st Century Skills.

  • The program incorporates the Four C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.  
  • Application tasks provide hands-on STEM and learning activities aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards and Common Core State Standards for mathematics.  
  • Activities within Imagine Math 3+ connect across various subjects such as science, engineering, and art.   
  • Activities enable students to interact and collaborate with their peers, apply critical thinking, communicate effectively, and solve problems.
"Imagine Math supports our students’ mathematical needs. I have never seen our students so excited about problem solving, reasoning, and critically thinking before this program became available. Imagine Math provides so many incentives and valuable helps for the students."

Math Supervisor | Davis School District 

"My class did an awesome job on the SAGE test and I contribute our success to this program."

Teacher | Adams Elementary School

Content for students grades K-Geometry

Imagine Math provides adaptive, age-appropriate learning environments for students in grades Kindergarten through Geometry. Our K–2 solution offers engaging, effective math instruction designed to help early-learners learn and love math.

Our grades 3+ solution builds conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills with the support of a live teacher. Available in English and Spanish!

  • Rigorous content – Keeps students in their zone of proximal development
  • Carefully-designed curriculum – Made up of more than 2,000 exercises per grade level
  • Age-appropriate diagnostic assessment – Personalizes each student’s learning pathway
  • Just-in-time reports and data – Empowers teachers
  • Visual models and intentional vocabulary – Reinforces lessons

FREE Imagine Math Facts for your School

To help students at all levels, Imagine Learning will provide FREE access to Imagine Math Facts for every school that selects the Imagine Math program for the 2023–2024 STEM Grant (a $5,000 value).

Imagine Math Facts works seamlessly with Imagine Math by strengthening students’ math fact skills, so they are better prepared for more complex math.

Imagine Math Enhancements

To continually improve the math experience for students and teachers, Imagine Learning is adding the following features to Imagine Math for back-to-school 2023:

  • NEW live activity report showing student status while using the program. Educators will have insight on students’ behavior and can intervene when needed.
  • Updated standards alignment documents
  • Many revised lessons to be more helpful to students while teaching standards and learning goals
  • More than 500 printable worksheets correlated to Quantile Measures for more targeted practice and offline materials


Applications must be submitted between February 1, 2023 through March 31, 2023.

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