The Science of Reading Applied

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Imagine Learning’s Approach to Literacy

Reading is a complex task. Applying the science of reading in the classroom isn’t easy, either. If you’ve invested in training through a program such as LETRS®, we can help you implement the research. Imagine Learning's powerful solutions not only provide evidence-based materials — we make it easy for educators to plan and execute best practices in the classroom.

Core Curriculum

Imagine Learning EL Education

A content-based approach to literacy instruction, utilizing real-world compelling texts to engage and excite learners in grades K–8.

Aligned to the Science of Reading:

Focuses on Early Foundational Skills
In grades K–2, students receive direct, explicit instruction in alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, and sight word recognition — all on a digital platform.
Takes a Content-Based Approach to Build Language Comprehension
Students study a wide variety of texts across content areas and disciplines to build knowledge. They learn academic vocabulary, gain fluency, and master increasingly challenging syntax.
Provides Direct Instruction in Bridging Skills
Lessons on print awareness for the youngest readers, fluency instruction for emerging readers, vocabulary, and morphology instruction — all build to create increasingly strategic, increasingly automatic skilled readers.
Explicitly Teaches Self-Regulation
Many activities intentionally build students’ executive functioning (working memory, self-control, etc.) and incorporate student choice to spark motivation.

Ready-to-Go Plans Ease Teacher Workload

Imagine Classroom is a digital platform for students and teachers that brings EL Education’s content and curriculum to life. It eases lesson planning workload with: 
  • Classroom ready lesson plans
  • Informative data and reporting
  • Premade slide decks with suggested pacing, teaching notes, and point of use resources

Rated All Green by EdReports

Our research-informed program earned all green scores from independent reviewer EdReports, meeting standards for text quality, usability, and building knowledge.

Make First Instruction the Best Instruction

Apply the science of reading to your core ELA program with ease.

Supplemental Solutions

Adaptive Solutions Aligned to the Science of Reading

Give early readers a head start with personalized literacy solutions. They’re grounded in research and proven to increase student outcomes in English and Spanish. The best part? Students work independently on their devices, freeing educators to provide targeted small-group instruction.


Students at a western Texas district doubled their gains compared to non-participating peers on the state reading assessment with Imagine Language and Literacy


The average number of hours students need to spend in Imagine Espanol in a school year to show significant increases in performance.

Research says: Language and Literacy

According to decades of Science of Reading research, skilled reading is the product of word recognition and language comprehension. Meaning if one area is weak then reading comprehension is diminished. That’s why it’s critical to have both literacy and language skills taught in tandem. 

Research says: Evidence-based instruction and deliberate practice

Students receive direct, explicit, and systematic instruction and practice of skills tied to a connected text. This model is proven to improve students’ academic proficiency in language and literacy skills by building automaticity, fluency, and comprehension. 

Did you know?

Explicit and systematic instruction and practice creates pathways to areas in the brain that don’t exist in a preliterate brain?

Read the Research

Research says: bilingual, biliterate students outperform their peers

50+ years of research demonstrates that reading and writing in more than one language gives students an academic advantage. Imagine Español provides:

  • Authentic Spanish literature and culturally responsive activities
  • Dictado mini lessons, focused on language conventions
  • Scaffolded instruction with multimedia supports

Apply the Science of Reading

Discover easy-to-implement solutions that improve student outcomes.

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