Summer Learning Solutions 

Meet your summer moment with flexible solutions that ignite learning breakthroughs. Customize your program to meet your district’s unique needs and support each student’s learning journey.

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Summer School and Intervention for 6–12

Create a customized program

Summer school is a critical opportunity to help middle and high school students achieve their goals. From credit recovery challenges to staffing demands and intervention needs, our solutions can help lower your operating costs without sacrificing effectiveness. Plus, Imagine Learning programs are easy to implement with your staff or our virtual instructors. We’re ready to partner with you.

Credit Recovery

The courses students need to get to grade level and graduate
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Imagine Edgenuity credit recovery courses include pretesting and adapt to student performance, so students focus only on the material they need — not the content they've already mastered — to pass courses and graduate on time. They can also be completed in less time than initial credit courses.

Virtual Instructors

Address summer staffing shortages
Imagine Learning’s experienced virtual teachers can help you serve students this summer while lowering operating costs. Our highly qualified teachers prioritize student success, providing personalized instruction and support. Not only can they serve as the teacher of record, but they also offer Small Group Targeted Intervention.

Personalized Intervention

Give every student a pathway to grade-level success
Imagine MyPath helps you prioritize the skills students need to optimize learning. As students move from intervention to supplemental grade-level practice in reading and math, Imagine MyPath delivers age-appropriate, adaptive lessons, propelling them forward.

Step Up Your Summer

Customize your 6–12 program with Imagine Learning.

Summer Enrichment and Intervention for K–5

Get students to grade level and inspire STEM learning

Imagine Learning has solutions to keep K–5 students engaged and progressing over the break. With summer pathways for math, personalized instruction for language learners, and coding units designed for summer fun, you can build a custom program to beat the summer slide.

Summer Math Practice

Effective instruction that adds up
Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts award-winning gamification style
Imagine Math provides rigorous, grade-level practice for students in PreK–Geometry. Its fun, adaptive instruction helps all students become confident math learners. For grades 3 and beyond, designated summer pathways review material from the previous grade and preview what will come next, while live bilingual tutors ensure all learners have the support they need.

Award-winning gamification makes math fluency engaging and effective when students use Imagine Math Facts. The extra practice equips them for pre-algebra readiness and complex math thinking.

Summer of STEM 

Discover digital and print resources across multiple solutions
The hands-on STEM application tasks in Imagine Math for grades 3 and beyond include performance tasks and journaling activities that motivate and engage students.

Imagine Robotify’s learn, create, compete program offers plugged and unplugged content where students learn to code by programming virtual robots in amazing environments.

Plus, our virtual teachers are offering a 3-week, project-based learning STEAM Camp for elementary students, making your job even easier.

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Literacy and Language Development

Accelerate reading and language proficiency for PreK–6
Personalized instruction in all four literacy domains can be easy to implement when using Imagine Language & Literacy. Add on Fluent Reader+ and you can monitor students’ oral reading fluency with a few quick clicks. When you pair it with Imagine Español, you can provide early language learners with the foundation they need to succeed in school.

Targeted Intervention 

Help students master skills and achieve success
Imagine MyPath offers age-appropriate summer instruction for students who are behind in reading and math. Real-time data and printable mini-lessons empower teachers to effectively group students and re-teach important concepts.

Imagine MyPath helps to re-teach important concepts

Customized Summer Learning

Partner with us to build the right program for you this summer.

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