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We can help you find the best solutions for your district’s needs this summer.

Imagine Learning’s summer programs allow students to work on grade-level skills, receive targeted intervention, and accelerate their learning through credit-bearing courses, enrichment, and credit recovery. Whether your district needs customizable courses or virtual staffing to help students achieve their summer goals, Imagine Learning can help you build a virtual program that rises to the occasion.  

We Have What You Need

Find out how Imagine Learning can support your summer program. 

Summer School for Middle and High School

Help students recover credits

Customize a summer program with Imagine Edgenuity’s credit recovery courses by leveraging award-winning technology and standards-aligned virtual courses taught by highly qualified, certified virtual instructors or your own district’s educators.

Our credit recovery courses are designed to meet students at their learning level. With powerful features that support self-paced learning and pretesting, students spend more time on what they need with less time on content they’ve mastered.

Solve for summer staffing 

Imagine Learning’s Instructional Services offers virtual short and long-term substitute teachers, certified teachers of record, and virtual tutors for concept coaching and test prep.

With Imagine Learning, districts facing staffing shortages and unfinished learning can partner with Imagine Learning to:

  • Staff and run their summer school for them
  • Expand their course offerings for student learning 

Get Your Summer Started

Discover the possibilities in Imagine Learning’s virtual summer school services.

Intervention and Assessment for K-12

Practice essential reading and math skills

Summer is a great time to fill in gaps and get on track. The right interventions can lead to powerful breakthroughs when programs address unfinished learning strategically and help students rise to grade-level expectations. 

Districts that use Imagine MyPath see how its data-driven learning paths personalize reading and math practice, empowering students to move efficiently up to grade level. This research-based intervention program for grades K–12 delivers age-appropriate learning paths using our intuitive Smart Sequencer™ technology.

As students move from intervention to supplemental grade-level practice and beyond, Imagine MyPath continues to deliver adaptive lessons.

Get actionable insights

Identify learning gaps and track student progress with Imagine Galileo — a comprehensive K-12 ELA, SLA, math, and science assessment system. It includes two benchmarks ready-made for summer: an initial test highlighting areas for student growth and an end-of-summer benchmark to showcase student gains.

High-Impact, Targeted Lessons

Give students a personalized intervention program with Imagine MyPath®.

Summer Enrichment for K-12 

The Imagine Learning supplemental suite has a stack of summer enrichment options to engage students in language, literacy, mathematics, and more. Explore the possibilities to discover which programs are best for your schools.

Build literacy and language proficiency

Schools using Imagine Language & Literacy can access built-in tools to identify which students need additional support, and educators can choose from recommended resources to intervene with those students with the click of a button. When they create customized playlists tailored to each student’s need, they can monitor the impact of the intervention with built-in reports.    

Accelerate reading comprehension

Research shows that just one unit of Imagine Reading over the summer term can lead to reading gains! Increase the impact of your summer program with your choice of Imagine Reading’s library of high-interest, multi-disciplinary texts: Every selection includes instructional scaffolding to support students as they reach up to grade-level text complexity.    

Develop problem-solving skills

Imagine Math’s special Summer Pathways become available in-product on May 1 for teachers to assign. The Summer Pathways review major work from the grade level students just completed and prepare them for the upcoming grade. Plus, Imagine Math Facts – a 2021 CODiE award winner for Best Gamification in Learning – is a fun gaming choice for summer school or summer camp, where students can achieve math facts fluency and get algebra-ready.

Get college-ready 

Imagine Edgenuity’s robust course offerings and flexible learning options enable you to customize your summer program to meet each students’ needs. 

  • NCAA-approved curriculum allows student-athletes to achieve success.
  • Electives in our CTE library — including music, art, game design, and creative writing — give each student an opportunity to pursue topics that pique their interest and align to career aspirations. 

Imagine Edgenuity’s Virtual Tutor offers comprehensive test readiness on high stakes and end-of-course exams, like the SAT®, ACT®, GED®, HiSET®, and TASC™.

Unlock Student Potential 

Customize a summer program that meets your district’s needs and ignites learning breakthroughs.

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