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Ensure Grade-Level Success

Whether you're looking for innovative core curricula, hybrid and virtual offerings, or targeted support to fill learning gaps, our solutions provide equitable access to grade-level content for every student. The best part? When you partner with us, you receive the personal support you need to implement successfully.

Digital-First Core Curriculum

Screenshot of a lesson demonstrating volume through cubes
Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics improves student outcomes at every grade level.
  • K–12 core math curriculum
  • Leverages the power of problem-based learning 
  • Interactive, inclusive instructional routines
  • Collaborative math discourse that promotes reasoning
  • Powerful digital experience designed for classrooms
Imagine Learning EL Education utilizes compelling, real-world texts that engage learners.
  • K–8 core ELA curriculum
  • Content-based approach to literacy
  • Students focus on mastery of skills
  • Scaffolded approach ensures that students build knowledge
  • Powerful digital experience designed for classrooms
Screenshot of a writing lesson about water
Impact and Outcomes
Educators and students at CCSD59 in Illinois share how Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics is transforming engagement and results.

Flexible Initial Credit Courses

Screenshot of a virtual lab involving natural selection
Imagine Edgenuity sets students in 6–12 up for success with initial credit programs and dynamic, student-driven courses.
  • Full suite of core, elective, and honors courses
  • Shaped by industry experts, research, and educators
  • An effective and engaging instructional model
  • Robust classroom tools and reporting integrated at point of use
  • Implement in any learning model — in-person, virtual, or hybrid
Meet your moment with solutions that advance learning.

Personalized Intervention

Screenshot of an interactive math lesson demonstrating addition
Save teachers time while addressing unfinished learning in PreK–12 math and reading. Our Supplemental and Intervention Suite provides engaging, age-appropriate learning experiences that quickly identify gaps and scaffold students back to grade-level instruction — so every student can achieve success, no matter where they are on their learning journey.
A Dynamic Partnership
Discover how partnering with Imagine Learning made a big difference in one district’s drive for grade-level success.

Address Staffing Needs

With so many teachers leaving the classroom, districts are looking for ways to continue meeting student needs. Virtual solutions can sound impersonal, but online instructors are not powered by AI — they are real, certified teachers who establish strong relationships with students just like they would in a physical classroom.

Maintain learning momentum with:

  • Certified Virtual Teachers of Record
  • Small Group Targeted Instruction
  • On-Demand Tutoring
  • Speech Teletherapy

Support Your Current Staff

Joining Forces
Teacher shortages were challenging student success in these school communities. By working closely with them, we were able to bridge the gap and keep students engaged and progressing.

Maintain Enrollment

For districts facing enrollment reduction, a customized virtual program gives students the flexibility they crave and the academic rigor they need. Explore the possibilities with a combination of courseware and virtual instructors.

Starting Your Virtual Program
Imagine Learning partners with schools and districts across the country to provide the curriculum, guidance, and support they need to build their own virtual program. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind as you consider your next steps.
Positioning You to Serve More
Learn how Waterfront Learning partnered with us to better equip themselves for the needs of their students. By strategically expanding their programs and staff, they were able to maintain enrollment without sacrificing effective instruction.

Turn Goals into Gains

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