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When students receive quality curricula taught by educators like you, the impact is extraordinary.

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2021–2022 by the Numbers

See how your work across Courseware, Virtual School Services, and the Supplemental Suite created more learning breakthroughs on each student’s unique journey.
5 Million Students Served
20,000 American schools across 25 of the nation’s largest school districts
211 Million Instructional Hours Spent

Students in grades 6–12 reached for their goals (and their full potential!) with dynamic, customizable initial-credit and credit-recovery courses.

150 Million Hours of Total Instructional Time Spent - 6.5 Million Courses Completed
35% Average Pretest-Posttest Gains
Top 5 Electives by Number of Enrollments

Highly qualified virtual instructors worked across time zones and devices to connect with students and personalize instruction.

1,324 Virtual Instructors
8,473,091 - Number of Teacher to Student Communications
121,677 Students Supported
14,071,592 Total student hours worked on IS courses

Students in grades PreK–12 built a strong foundation of language arts and math skills in engaging, age-appropriate learning environments.

Total Lessons Completed

Imagine Learning Lessons Completed by Product
Number of Instructional Hours Spent

Top 5 Passages Read

What are students reading?

Imagine Reading Top 5 Passages Read
Imagine Lectura Top 5 Passages Read

Motivation at a Glance

Let’s get motivated! Students earn THINK Points by passing lessons. Here’s how our Imagine Math students donated their motivation THINK Points this school year.

$83,060 Donations to Charities
29 Beneficiary Charities
557K Avatars Created
867 Average THINK Points Donated Per Student

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