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Subscribing to Self-Care

with Dr. Maria Hersey

For all the educators that are struggling to navigate the complicated and constantly changing realities of life, the following statement should ring true: “You are not selfish for wanting the same energy and love you give.”

Self-Care Planner Pages

Preview of Self Care Planner Pages

Hit “print” and grab a flair pen for these fillable, well-being journal pages.

Guided Self-Compassion Practice

Decorate Your Classroom

Download and print free posters to energize your space for the new year.

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Printable Poster: One learning breakthrough can change the world Printable Poster: Imagine the Future of Learning Printable Poster: Every learning journey is worth celebrating. Printable Poster: Teachers plant seeds that grow for a lifetime Printable Poster: It's always a good day to learn something new!

Multilingual Learners: Designing for Meaningful Interaction

Teacher leads class of students with diverse language instruction needs

My teaching assignment in my first year was primarily English language learners from newcomer to almost reclassified in both EL-specific and ELA classes. As an idealistic new teacher having just read all the books and soaked up all that my student teaching had to offer, I thought that if I supplied them with the words, via labels and sentence frames, my students would have what they needed to participate in the lively classroom discussions I envisioned. I quickly learned that was not the case.

Sentence Starter Handout

Sentence Starter Handout

Download free sentence starters to facilitate meaningful discussion

Drive Student Engagement

ATLAS Formula Printable Poster

Preview of ATLAS Downloadable poster
Student and teacher building robots together

Your Roadmap to Student Engagement

TEDx speaker and author Weston Kieschnick discusses his new book, The Educator’s ATLAS — a simple, five-point roadmap for capturing student engagement.

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Creating Collaborative Math Classrooms

With Dr. Bill McCallum, co-founder and CEO of Illustrative Mathematics

Collaboration is a core value at Illustrative Mathematics, and for us it means more than just people working together. It means people with diverse expertise working together and coordinating that expertise to produce products and services that balance the different imperatives of a high quality instructional system.


Teacher Self-Care Package

Teacher Self Care Package

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The Educator's ATLAS

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