Imagine Language & Literacy® Summer Program

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Welcome, families — here is your guide to summer learning

Spark success with easy to access and fun online learning. Imagine Language & Literacy is designed to improve reading and English language development with built-in Spanish support.
The California Department of Education (CDE) has partnered with Imagine Learning to offer additional resources supporting California's Summer Reading Initiative. Thanks to this partnership, Imagine Language & Literacy is available for free for participating students in grades K–3.

Watch the video below to learn more about Imagine Language & Literacy.

Using Imagine Language & Literacy at home

Our orientation video, available in English and Spanish, explains how parents and caregivers can help their students use Imagine Language & Literacy at home. It illustrates what devices and browser to use, how to log in, and how to retrieve your student login information if you don't have it. 

After your student logs in, they'll take an adaptive test. Make sure they complete the test on their own because their performance determines their individualized learning path, tailored to their needs. If your student needs to log out before they're finished, they'll pick up where they left off the next time they log in.

As your student uses Imagine Language & Literacy, they'll earn Booster Bits, which they can use to customize their avatar and play games.

Welcome Families

Bienvenidas Familias

How to support your student
  1. Help your student set a regular time and place when they can focus on using Imagine Language & Literacy. 
  2. Help your student log in to Imagine Language & Literacy from home or retrieve their login information if they don't have it. After your student logs in, they'll take an adaptive test.
  3. Your student should complete the adaptive test on their own. How your student performs on it will determine their personalized learning path, so completing the test independently ensures that they receive the right lessons. Encourage your student to do their best if they get frustrated.
  4. As your student uses Imagine Language & Literacy throughout the school year, ask them to read stories aloud to you and have them demonstrate the literacy skills they are learning.

Have fun experiencing reading and language breakthroughs with your student this summer! 

Enhance Home Learning with Printable Resources

Please see the link below for printable worksheets that support students' at-home learning experience

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